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Wedding photographer since 2014 mainly in the Starnberg, Munich, Augsburg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen area, Lake Garda, Lake Como & Tuscany but I photograph weddings all over Europe and worldwide. If you are looking for authentic wedding photos, then you have come to the right place. I am usually the silent observer at your wedding, I observe people, looks, gestures, love, joy, emotions. I look for the painting of the moment, the song that opens the shutter of my camera and captures a story forever.

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I love traveling

I just love traveling and getting to know different cultures in faraway countries. That’s why I’ve already made two trips around the world. If you add a little adventure to a long-distance trip, PERFECT! So in 2019 I was at Mt. Everest Basecamp or rode a motorcycle via Cambodia and Vietnam up to the Chinese border. Ah yes, did I mention that I don’t have a motorcycle license yet?

I love being out and about in nature

I originally started with landscape photography and only got into wedding photography over the years. So it’s pretty obvious that I like to be outdoors hiking or sleeping under the open sky 🙂 I’ve driven up the border. Ah yes, did I mention that I don’t have a motorcycle license yet?

There are two of me : – )

Well, not quite, but almost. I have a twin brother who I look a lot like and with whom I go on most of my wild adventures. He also photographs weddings and you can book us as a couple.

My second passion is programming

If I don’t have a camera in my hand or am not out and about in the world, I might be teaching a few people how to program. I also love to express myself creatively in this direction. Believe it or not, programming can be creative 🙂