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Wedding in the Freihof - getting married between the vineyards

Wedding in the Freihof Wedding photographer Würzburg accompanies weddings in the Hotel Freihof. Capturing the magic of the moment was my goal at Sarah and Michael's wedding in Freihof. The couple tied the knot in a picturesque location between the green vineyards. The dreamlike wedding in the Freihof took place at a small lake on the hotel grounds. As a wedding photographer from Würzburg, I was allowed to be there when the couple embarked on the adventure of getting married at the Hotel Freihof. The wedding in the Freihof - wedding photographer from Würzburg is there right from the start. I was allowed to accompany the dressing of the bride and groom with the camera and to accompany numerous emotional moments up close. Surrounded by family and friends, Sarah and Michael felt the excitement, but also the anticipation, growing. In sunny weather and pleasant temperatures, Sarah finally faced her Michael. I tried to capture the numerous emotions that were reflected on the faces of the bridal couple as well as on those of the guests as best as possible. The love, the emotion and the all-encompassing sense of joy were clearly felt throughout the ceremony. So it was not surprising that there were numerous tears of joy. After the wedding in the Freihof there is dancing - the wedding photographer from Würzburg is allowed to be there. After the dreamlike wedding in the Freihof and the emotional yes word, the wedding in the Freihof continued with cool drinks and delicious cake. The special atmosphere of getting married in the Freihof was clearly noticeable even at the first toast. The mood was relaxed and exuberant and everyone was happy about the happiness of the newly married couple. I made a small detour to the vineyards with the two of them to take authentic couple photos with them. Towards evening the party at the Freihof wedding was then moved to the Hotel Freihof, where not only was there a lot of talking and laughing, but also dancing and singing. The couple's first dance was just one of the highlights of the wedding in the Freihof. Wedding in the Freihof - An unforgettable experience Getting married in the Hotel Freihof, everything really fits together. the location the food and of course the bridal couple and their wonderful guests. Without the great people and the special moments, getting married at the Hotel Freihof would not have been the experience that I was lucky enough to be able to capture on photos as a wedding photographer from Würzburg.